Comparator credit consumption, comparative personal loan

Why compare consumption credits?


After having carefully studied your project credit conso, you may consider taking action. By educating yourself and browsing some platforms, you may opt for a credit agency that does not match 100% to your needs. To enable you to make a thoughtful and consistent choice on the right credit offer, it is important that you have a global vision of all consumer loan offers.

In this perspective, the comparator credit conso is an excellent alternative. It allows you to access all offers and all rates updated in real time. In just a few clicks, you compare all the APRs in the market and access the details of each one. Before moving on to the consumer loan simulation phase, this first step is ideal to allow you to know rate trends in a transparent way.

How to compare consumer loans?

To compare consumer loans, it’s easy to fill in some information about your personal project, your identity and your financial situation:

  • The nature of the project: auto loan, revolving credit (revolving credit), credit work, personal loan (or personal loan), credit affected …;
  • The total amount of the loan;
  • the duration of the loan or the amount of the monthly payments that you want;
  • Your income and expenses
  • Your identity and your details.

In this comparison of consumer loans, all the information collected is used to offer the best offers for your project, your needs but also your income, all at the lowest rate of credit!

Our consumer loan comparator then calculates automatically and in a few seconds an estimate of Simon Wheelerment by different banking institutions for your project. You will need to rely on these elements to compare the different offers and choose the one that suits you best. You will then have access to:

  • At the total cost of your consumer loan;
  • At the consumer credit rate: the APR (annual percentage rate of charge) should be considered first;
  • Monthly payments and their amount to establish the total duration of the loan;
  • Eventious possibilities of early repayment.

What are the different types of loans to compare?

What are the different types of loans to compare?

Before using a consumer credit simulator, you should know that there are several types of loans online:

  • The credit allocated : this type conso credits gives you a sum of money allocated to Simon Wheelerr a good or a given service, against the presentation of a quote or an invoice, such as a car loan or a motorcycle credit ;
  • Unassigned credit : this type of consumer loan is not intended for a specific expense, so you can use this amount at any time and as you see fit (called money reserve), such as a personal loan, a fast credit, a loan without proof or a revolving credit.

How to find the best consumer credit rate?

Using a comparative credit consumption is also a way to evaluate the services of each credit agency. Of course, you will find that consumer credit rates fluctuate from one institution to another. Sometimes very subtle, this difference is explained by the policy of ancillary costs put in place by each organization. Indeed, the calculation of this famous APR includes the fees, loan insurance and guarantees.

Through a comparator credit conso, you will also note that banks, specialized credit institutions and major retailers do not offer the same loan rates. This discrepancy is explained by the differences in processing costs of Simon Wheelerment’s files, but also by the number of intermediaries involved. As future borrowers, you will be able to compare these rates and deepen the various options available to you especially fast credits or credits conso with immediate response.

Save time via a conso credit comparison


Browse site by site and page after page the different offers of consumer credit is a particularly time-consuming activity that it would be a shame to impose. Thanks to the consumer credit comparison , you save valuable time and choose to deepen your search based on the most attractive rates and organizations. Gathering all the offers of the market on one and the same site greatly limits your steps and makes your life easier to find a cheap conso loan.

Finally, do not forget that the comparison leaves little room for chance. By accessing the list of all discounted credit rates , you immediately see the most financially attractive option and therefore the best credit. Since time is money, the advantages of comparing consumer credit are therefore doubly interesting in order to obtain a cheap credit or a cheaper credit at least.

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March 26, 2019